Our values
Our values
ISO 9001 - Version 2000   ISO    
Commitment and proximity
In order to satisfy the client as well as ourselves, we've made
commitment the key to each project. This translates as commitment to respecting
a high standard of work, a commitment to respecting a time-frame and a commitment to respecting
the budget. We are also close to our clients and to their worksites
so we understand their needs, their interests and their concerns.
Flexibility is one of our strengths.

We have implemented a reliable structure that has
received ISO 9001 certification - version 2000.
We also use a powerful tracking software.
Safety is a primary concern for
Group SNEF and their subsidiaries.
That's why we have a safety policy backed by
measures that give results.

Besides offering only non-polluting services,
Group SNEF and their subsidiaries assist
their clients in their effort to conform
to environmental protection regulations.

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